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Creativity is an ability inherent to all humans. Whether your education is rooted in fine art or you you've spent your years navigating the waters of the corporate world, within you lies the capacity to create a life that fulfills the deepest parts of your soul. Together we will explore old ideas about personal limitations and the origin of negative self views that inhibit your growth potential. Together we will reauthor your story and cultivate new pathways to reach your goals. When we foster the creative parts of ourselves, we plunge into our ability to transcend. What I am describing is not magic; it is a set of tools to help you become the person you want to be; the person you are truly. Through perspective shifting techniques, gentle inquiry and self exploration I will show you how to make the magical possible.



I take an integrative and human centered approach to my work with clients. Rooted in Postmodern and trauma informed theories, I will begin our work with gentle curiosity about the world that shaped you and what story you have carried about yourself throughout your life. This is where the deconstruction of old ideas about self and the reauthoring of new life happens. Uncovering these parts of ourselves, old wounds and old ideas that may have at one time protected us from unsafe people and places, can be painful for some and will take time and willingness to walk through. Know that I will be with you every step of the way. We can set this pace together. There is no rule for how slowly or quickly our work is done. From here, I prefer to work with a combination of tools based interventions, ranging from Somatic breathing techniques for emotional regulation to mindfulness and awareness based CBT practices. Each client will have a very different treatment plan designed for their specific needs based on the goals that they come into session with. My role is to help coauthor this experience as you discover your own transformation and create the life you've been seeking. 

I am currently prelicensed under supervision at Antioch Community Therapy Services in Los Angeles. Please use the contact form below or email to make an appointment for psychotherapy services.

Supervisor Scott Rowland Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist CA #102231



I love supporting clients in developing and implementing tools to achieve their fullest potential. Together we will discover the Creative Human within you.

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